Welcome new OS Lab members!

The OS Lab has grown quite a bit this past year, welcoming a new postdoctoral fellow, graduate student, and PharmD student.

8k0%cKemRnCf742jLRQpmQ_thumb_7726Dr. Tra-My Hoang joined the OS lab this fall after completing her Ph.D. studies in the lab of Dr. Paul Fey at the University of Nebraska. Tramy is studying the impact of the heme-responsive PrrH sRNA on P. aeruginosa growth and gene expression.

kmX%scBHSh6n+4AzWYUKtA_thumb_7725Ashley Lykins conducted rotation studies in the OS lab in the fall of 2017, and officially joined the OS Lab this fall. Ashley is studying the mechanism by which the PrrF sRNAs regulate of a putative bacterioferritin produced by P. aeruginosa.

IMG-0038Xinyi (Xena) Huang is a second-year PharmD student who began a research internship in the OS Lab this past summer. She is studying the impact of iron and antimicrobials on co-cultured biofilms of P. aeruginosa and S. aureus.

Welcome to all the new OS Lab members!