Angie Nguyen

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Regulation by the PrrF sRNAs was previously shown to spare a metabolite – anthranilate – for production of a bacterial pheromone referred to as the Pseudomonas quinolone signal (PQS, Oglesby et al, 2008). PQS signals P. aeruginosa to express virulence genes, suggesting PrrF regulation plays a direct role in mediating pathogenesis. PQS is one of many 4-hydroxy-alkylquinolines (HAQs) produced from anthranilate and secreted by P. aeruginosa. Using a combination of genetics, mass spectrometry, and expression analyses, Angie is investigating how the PrrF sRNAs affect production of these HAQs. Moreover, Angie is applying these tools to determine how iron regulated production of HAQs evolves during chronic infections of the cystic fibrosis lung.


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