Louise Djapgne

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The PrrF sRNAs are distinct from many iron-responsive bacterial sRNAs in that two nearly identical PrrF RNAs (PrrF1 and PrrF2) are encoded in tandem on the P. aeruginosa chromosome. This arrangement allows for the expression of an additional, longer RNA, designated PrrH, which is responsive to heme as well as iron. However, the mechanism by which heme regulates PrrH expression remains unknown. Louise is studying how in vivo interactions of the PrrF and PrrH sRNAs with certain proteins may contribute to this regulation. Previous crosslinking studies in our lab identified several proteins that putatively interact with the PrrF and PrrH sRNAs in vivo. Louise is using a variety of biochemical and biophysical tools to characterize the interactions of these proteins with the PrrF and PrrH sRNAs. In addition, Louise has shown that iron and the prrF locus contribute to antimicrobial resistance of P. aeruginosa biofilms, presenting a novel role for these small RNAs in virulence.


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*Contributed equally.